Announcement of Selected Artists

The 2023/24 International Biennial for Paper Fibre Art (IBPFA) would like to thank all of the artists who submitted artwork for consideration for the forthcoming exhibition, EARTH SPEAK: Giving Voice to Paper. Works were reviewed and selected by four jurors with the support and assistance of a great team:

Amy Richard / Curator

Jen-Kuan Yau / Co-Curator / Project Manager

Jan Fairbairn Edwards / Co-Curator

Wei-Lin Yang / Co-Curator

Tien-Li Chen / Project Director / Director of NTCRI
Ching-Fen Hsiao / Project Administrator
Meng-Chii, Kiki, Huang / Project Coordinator
See-Min Cheong / Project Technical
Chia-Hua Shen / Project Technical

With nearly 200 submissions and hundreds of images to be reviewed, selection was not an easy task, especially with so many high quality submissions received. We understand the time and effort it takes to submit works for exhibitions like this and we thank everyone for their patience with the new online application process.

It was inspiring to see so many interesting and compelling ideas, processes and artworks. One thing is clear : there are many talented artists around the globe who share our passion for paper and are dedicated to giving voice to this extraordinary material. We look forward to seeing the work in our exhibition hall this autumn and meeting the artists.

We are pleased to announce the artists (from eighteen countries) whose work has been selected for the 2023/24 Biennial (listed alphabetically by first name):

Aïdée Bernard FRANCE)
Aimee Lee (USA)
Aleksandra Pulińska (POLAND)
Aliza Thomas (ISRAEL)
Caroline Jane Harris (UK)
Chao, Li-Ping (TAIWAN)
Chen,Chia-Chi (TAIWAN)
Dorothea Magonet (GERMANY)
Elizabeth Mackie (USA)
Elly Prestegard (NORWAY)
Eszter Bornemisza (HUNGARY)
Florence Le Maux (FRANCE)
Florence Pinson-Ynden (FRANCE)
Gloria Florez (AUSTRALIA)
Hao-Lun Hong (TAIWAN)
Heike Berl (GERMANY)
Helen Hiebert (USA)
Hsien-Hsiang Peng (TAIWAN)
Hsing-ling Liao (TAIWAN)
Isis Olivier (UK)
Jounghye Yoo (SOUTH KOREA)
Jules Findley (UK)
Kate Morrick (USA)
Lu, Chia-Ping (TAIWAN)
Maria Matyja-Rozpara (POLAND)
Marie-Claire Meier (SWITZERLAND)
Nancy Cohen / Meagan Woods (USA)
Nicholas Cladis (USA)
Paola Bazz (ITALY)
Pei-San Wu (TAIWAN)
Pilar Sala (SPAIN)
Priti Roy (INDIA)
Rozenblat, Tatiana (FRANCE)
Shiu-Hui Wang / An-Jyun Liao (TAIWAN)
Shu-Chiung Lu (TAIWAN)
Shu-Hui Hsieh(TAIWAN)
Shu-Yen Chen (TAIWAN)
Soon Yul Kang (SOUTH KOREA)
Traudel Stahl (GERMANY)
Tsu Ouyang (TAIWAN)
Valentin Bakardjiev (NETHERLANDS/BULGARIA)
Viviane Colautti-Ivanova (FRANCE)